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Join us for 6th Grade Parent-Student Dinner and Jenga: Tuesday, Nov. 27th from 6-8 p.m. inside the LCMS MPR. Go Centurions!!!
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Dear parent(s),
Hello, I am Mr. Hardian Ekadjaja and I will be one your child’s math teachers this upcoming school year. I am looking forward to supporting your child in his or her learning. You will find information regarding classroom expectations and procedures on the following pages. Please cover this material with your child to reinforce the secrets to success in his or her class.
There are several lines of communication to get in contact with me. Written correspondence is usually sufficient for the more routine matters such as attendance or progress summaries. Appointments for conferences can be made in writing or by phone for more detailed matters. In addition, electronic mail can be sent to Class assignments, current projects and other news may be accessed on the web from the address You may want to bookmark this site to visit frequently.
Parental involvement is highly encouraged in our classroom. Support can be provided in a variety of ways. Some ideas include assisting in the classroom, chaperoning for a field trip, collecting or donating supplies or providing personal expertise for a lesson. If you are interested in helping with your child’s classroom, please let me know.
I hope that your child finds his or her class challenging but not overly difficult. Please keep in mind that placement will be evaluated every four weeks.
The math department thanks you for entrusting your child and his/her education to Los Coyotes Middle School. We anticipate a great year of learning and growth.
Mr. Ekadjaja

Rules of Conduct
Students have the right to learn and teachers have the right to teach. To ensure a positive learning environment, the following are expected from all students:

Classroom Expectations:
1. Respect yourself, each other and the school.
2. Come prepared to learn.
3. Provide your best effort

1. Verbal or visual warning (you will know)
2. Contact home/possible cool-down outside
3. Sent to office and parent conference

What You Can Expect from Me
1. I will provide my best effort to help you grow and learn.
2. You will be treated fairly (the way you deserve)
3. As you show you can handle more responsibility, you will be allowed privileges that come with responsibility.

Grading Policy
Homework and Notebook – 30%
Individual Tests – 60%
Quizzes – 10% (Lowest quiz score is dropped per trimester)
Grade A B C D F
% 90-100 80-89 70-79 60-69 < 60

Any grade in the top two percent of each level (except “F”) will be given a “+” and any that is in the last two percent will have a “-” attached.
Citizenship Grade
In addition to the academic grade, each student will receive a citizenship/behavior/effort grade. This grade serves to inform about the student’s behavior as well as affecting eligibility for extra-curricular activities. It also indicates the perceived effort by the student during the grading term.
Outstanding Shows great maturity, arrives to class prepared and on time, completes all work, shows an enthusiastic attitude, uses class-time well and regularly contributes positively to the classroom setting. Achieves 90%-100% of classwork points.
Satisfactory Completes most assignments, follows directions, uses class-time well, is not disruptive to classroom and provides positive support to the class. Achieves 70%-90% of classwork points.
Needs Improvement/Unsatisfactory Does not arrive to class prepared, does not complete assignments on time, may be disruptive to the classroom environment, is academically or personally dishonest and/or has a poor attitude. Achieves < 70% of classwork points. < 60% classwork points earns a “U.”

Daily assignments are given regularly Monday through Friday. Class work assignments are to be completed in class. Homework assignments are due the day after they are assigned unless stated otherwise. Long-term projects requiring no more than one month to complete may be occasionally assigned.

Students can access assignment lists and other materials at In addition, several assignments, quizzes and tests will be given through Please contact me if you would like to have access to these websites and I will be happy to set you up and help.
Additionally, the district has given every student “” accounts that they may use to generate work for assignments.

Make-up work for absences
If a student has an excused absence, he or she is allowed one day per day of absence of grace to complete and present the assignments missed; THIS IS NOT APPLICABLE TO LONG-TERM ASSIGNMENTS!!!!