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Promotion Criteria

Promotion Criteria

We know that participation in the 8th grade Promotional Ceremony is an earned privilege, not a right. We have read the rules for participation in the 8th grade Promotion Ceremony and understand that this criteria is in place. Specifically, in order to participate in the ceremony, students have:

Grades                  2.0 Cumulative GPA / “C” average (for the 8th Grade year only) 

Course Failures   No more than 1 “F” per subject area class during all 3 trimesters

Citizenship           No more than 3 out-of-school suspensions (separate incidences)

Attendance           No more than “10” period tardies; No more than “5” unexcused absences (truancy or parent violation), which includes partial day unexcused absences

Pay all outstanding fees and fines at least 3 days prior to the Promotion event.


If a student is ineligible for the Promotion activity, an appeal process will be in place.  All appeals will be made to a committee that will be comprised of the Principal of the school, an Assistant Principal, the student’s counselor, and a District Administrator.  All decisions from the appeal panel will be final 

1.     All appeals must be submitted, in writing, to the student’s site administrator, no later than 10 days before the promotion ceremony. Any appeals submitted after this date will be considered on a case-by-case basis. All requirements will be in effect until the last day of school.

2.     The appeal letter must clearly state all circumstances/ reasons specific to the reasons for ineligibility to participate in the event.

3.     All written appeals will be reviewed by the appeal panel.

After the written appeal has been reviewed, a response will be forwarded to the student in writing; no verbal responses will be delivered during the appeal process.

If the appeal is granted, the student will be allowed to participate in the promotional ceremony.  If denied, the student will not participate in the ceremony. Only the actual participation in the promotion ceremony will be denied.  All students, whether or not they meet the requirements for the promotion activity will be promoted to high school, unless procedures for retention are in place. 


In order to provide middle school students with the opportunity to meet the Promotion activity requirements, middle schools will have the following systems/ programs in place beginning in the sixth grade to:


A. Celebrate and reinforce student achievement

B. Identify at-risk students early and enroll in appropriate intervention

C. Provide academic intervention programs during the school day

D. Provide an attendance recovery program

E. Provide alternative instructional settings

F. Ensure frequent and consistent school to home communication

G. Initiate clubs and/or activities to motivate students to stay in school